It is our great pleasure to announce the forthcoming conference ISMIR 2014 which will take place at Taipei, Taiwan, from Oct 27 (Mon) to Oct 31 (Fri). We are particularly excited about this event since it features the 15th of ISMIR and 10th of MIREX. We do hope many of you will join our Facebook group to let us know what you expect of this conference. Mark your calendar and see you in Taipei!

The organizing team of ISMIR-2014


The annual conference of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) is the world's leading interdisciplinary forum on accessing, analyzing, and organizing digital music of all sorts. The ISMIR conference embraces the complexity and diversity of music by showcasing ideas and applications that enhance the way in which we interact with music. Centered around MIR, the conference aims to foster dialogue across disciplines by bringing together researchers, developers, educators, librarians, students and professionals, providing multifaceted interaction and cross-fertilization that will benefit a wide range of related fields.

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