A2 / RF 系統設計
RF System Design

Mandar Gujrathi / MathWorks Inc.

在本段演講,我們將從以增益、雜訊、及三階非線性進行高階的RF效能估算開始,來介紹無線收發器的設計和模擬,藉由電路封包(Circuit Envelope)模擬可逐漸改善RF效能估算模型,且納入額外的損耗,能將RF前端與數位訊號處理演算法無縫整合。


RF System Design
Nowadays RF systems are highly adaptive and rely on MIMO architectures with multiple antennas. Digital signal processing algorithms and control logic are tightly embedded in RF transceivers to compensate for RF impairments, to increase resilience to interfering signals, and to support multiple communication standards.
In this talk, we will design and simulate a wireless transceiver starting from high-level RF budget analysis with gain, noise and third order non-linearity. The RF budget model will be progressively refined using Circuit Envelope simulation to include additional impairments and seamlessly integrate the RF front-end with digital signal processing algorithms.