A5 / MATLAB/Simulink與Cadence Virtuoso的整合設計
MATLAB/ Simulink integration into Cadence Virtuoso

Scott Li / Cadence


1. Cadence Virtuoso ADE及MATLAB整合方案: 本方案能夠讓使用者在驗證混合訊號設計時可以利用現有的MATLAB程式來加速大量資料處理的效能, 並且可以透過ADE和MATLAB間資料共享的機制來提升資料分析的效率.

2. Cadence Virtuoso AMS Designer/SpectreRF及Simulink整合方案: 本方案可以讓使用者通過Cadence Virtuoso AMS Design/SpectreRF和Simulink的介面將電晶體層級的模擬結果和系統層級驗證平台有效整合並進行同步模擬. 上述兩方案相較於傳統方案均能有效縮短產品上市時間.


This session will introduce 2 solutions of Cadence and MathWorks toolsets work together to provide an integrated flow for mixed-signal design.

1. Cadence Virtuoso ADE and MATLAB integration: Enabling customers to accelerate processing of large data sets when verifying mixed-signal designs. With this integration, designers can take advantage of existing MATLAB scripts and seamlessly share data between the Virtuoso and MATLAB platforms, allowing for data mining and efficient analysis in either platform.

2. Co-simulation flow using Cadence Virtuoso AMS Designer/SpectreRF with Simulink: Starting with system-level modelling in Simulink and using interfaces between Cadence Virtuoso AMS Designer/SpectreRF and Simulink to share the data from detailed transistor-level models for system validation efficiently and provide the co-simulation ability. Both solutions are intended to decrease time to market efficiently when compared to traditional methods.