C1 / MATLAB 於進階影像處理及電腦視覺
Image Processing and Computer Vision using MATLAB

Tim Jones / MathWorks Inc.

許多人已經使用MATLAB進行影像處理和電腦視覺的演算法分析, 然而,隨著影像和影片視頻問題愈來愈複雜,工具也要隨之進化。 也因此MathWorks的影像處理和動態影片工具持續加入更多功能,讓工作任務更為快速、更易於使用,並且功能更強大。 本演講將探討:

• 應用領域
• 深度學習
• 3-D視覺和影像處理
• 相機校準包括魚眼鏡頭
• 多視覺幾何
• LiDAR和3-D點雲處理
• 自動駕駛
• MATLAB Apps應用程序庫
• 程式碼產生和嵌入式視覺
• 效能提升


Many people already use MATLAB for image processing and computer vision algorithms. As image and video problems mature, however, the tools must also mature. The folks at MathWorks continue to add new features and capabilities making image and video processing faster, easier to use, and much more capable. In this session will explore some of the things MathWorks has been working on, including:

• Application areas
• Deep learning
• 3-D vision and image processing
• Camera Calibration including fish-eye lenses
• Multiple view geometry
• LiDAR and 3-D point cloud processing
• Automated driving
• Code generation and embedded vision
• Performance improvements