MathWorks 2017a/b 版本最新功能

Mandar Gujrathi / MathWorks Inc.

想知道MATLAB & Simulink在最新的版本推出了哪些功能嗎?本段演講將介紹MATLAB & Simulink在深度學習、文字採礦處理、與模擬效能加速等的最新功能。最新版本也針對新一代通訊提出許多支援,如新世代RF系統開發,從PCB天線設計到V2X模擬的函式庫。另外在使用經驗上,您也將看到Live Editor在最新一個版本的進化--在程式碼產生的同時可以直接查看結果;同時,Simulink也提供了多種方法,讓模擬的執行更快速。

What’s new in 2017b
Learn about the latest capabilities that have been introduced in MATLAB and Simulink. In this session, we will discuss what’s new in the areas of deep learning, text processing and speeding up simulation performance. New libraries and support for next generation RF systems, from designing PCB antennas to V2X simulation. You’ll also see the latest enhancements that have been made to the Live Editor, where you can see results together with the code that produced them. And in Simulink, discover the many ways to run your simulations faster.