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Rugged, high-performance industrial PC
• Fanless, low-power and power consumption design 41W(Typical)
• Support for all standard PC peripherals
• Sturdy, compact size
I/O-expandability, equipped with AD/DA, Encoder, Frequency In/Out and DI/O modules
The suite offering
• Micro-Box 2200ˇ]PCI expressˇ^
Onboard Core™ i3-1.7GHz / 8GB DDR RAM / 8GB SSD
  Power supply input Max. 60W (12V/24VDC ˇÓ 20%)
Stand-alone ability, Simulink Real-Time self-installed software tools are able to run on stand-alone mode. Users can burn the pre-set Simulink model to SSD without an Internet connection.

Micro-Box is an affordable and robust multi-function platform for rapid control prototyping applications. Developed by TeraSoft Inc, a leading professional engineering solutions provider based in Taipei, Taiwan, Micro-Box works seamlessly with the MathWorks® family of products including MATLAB®, Simulink®, Simulink Real-Time, MATLAB Coder and Simulink Coder, enabling engineers to model physical systems and execute them in real-time under harsh environmental conditions.

Micro-Box is a rugged, high-performance industrial PC with no moving parts inside. The product supports all standard PC peripherals including video, mouse, and keyboard. For engineers who have real-time analysis and control systems testing needs, Micro-Box offers an excellent mix of performance, compact size, sturdiness, and I/O expandability. A selection of I/O options are available providing, support for SCI, TCP/IP, and PCI express based AD/DA, DI/O and frequency I/O modules that address numerous prototyping requirements. Micro-Box is integrated with MATLAB/Simulink and related control modules allowing the user to conduct real-time modeling and simulation of control systems, rapid prototyping, and hardware-in-the-loop testing without the need of manual code generation and complicated debug processes. This results in significant cost savings and reduced development time.

Micro-Box for Rapid Prototyping
When configured as part of a rapid prototyping system, Micro-Box is attached to a host computer running the standard MathWorks tools such as MATLAB, Simulink, Simulink Real-Time and Stateflow® (optional), operating under the Microsoft® Windows® operating system in non real-time mode. Micro-Box acts as a target PC where the user's application runs on a real-time operating system provided by Simulink Real-Time

Applications are built on the host PC using Simulink, with Simulink Real-Time providing blocks to connect to I/O hardware. Simulink Coder generates and compiles C-code modules and links them to a Dynamic Linked Library (DLL). Simulink Real-Time transforms this DLL to a real-time application and downloads it onto the Micro-Box target PC.

Micro-Box can be configured for use in functional rapid prototyping, on-target rapid prototyping, or hardware-in-the-loop testing.