本段演講將介紹5G工具箱當中5G NR波形產生的功能,以及儀器控制工具箱(Instrument Control Toolbox)的空中測試功能。首先,演講者將展示如何利用新的Wireless Waveform Generator app很容易地執行5G波形產生。接下來,你可以看到如何藉由同一個app,從MATLAB將你的波形連接到RF儀器來行即時測試和量測。利用這樣的工作流程,你可以驗證你的被測器件(device-under-test,DUT)良好運作。你也可以確保在實驗室的性能量測值與標準規格的期待相符合。

5G Rapid Prototyping and Over-the-air Testing

In this presentation, we introduce 5G NR waveform generation capabilities of 5G Toolbox and over-the-air testing features of Instrument Control Toolbox. First, we show you how to easily perform 5G waveform generation using the new Wireless Waveform Generator app. Then, you will learn how perform live tests and measurements by connecting your waveforms to RF instruments from within the same app in MATLAB. Using this workflow, you can verify that your device-under-test (DUT) works properly. Also, you can ensure that the performance metrics in your labs match those expected by standard specification. Highlights