A3 / RF功率放大器模型建模與無線發射器線性度之增強
Modeling RF Power Amplifiers and Increasing Wireless Transmitter Linearity

Giorgia Zucchelli / MathWorks Inc.

具備高度線性的功率放大器(Power Amplifiers,PA)是無線通訊系統的關鍵要素。 在本段演講,你將了解如何利用包含非線性、記憶效應等量測資料來建立RF功率放大器模型。我們將使用PA模型來開發與分析不同的適性DPD演算法;經由整數運算、產生HDL程式碼、把演算法在FPGA原型化來實現DPD演算法。

Highly linear Power Amplifiers (PA) are a critical component in wireless communications systems.

In this presentation, you will learn how to model RF power amplifiers using measurement data including non-linear and memory effects. We will use PA models to develop and analyze different adaptive DPD algorithms. We will implement the DPD algorithm using integer arithmetic, generate HDL code, and prototype the algorithm on a FPGA.