A4 / 利用高品質模型及測試平台進行混合訊號設計和驗證
Mixed-Signal Design and Verification Using High-Quality Models and Test Benches

Giorgia Zucchelli / MathWorks Inc.


本段演講將介紹利用Simulink來達成快速系統層級模擬、執行全面性的設計空間探索、以及開發高品質行為模型及其強大的優點。另外,我們也將介紹如何重複利用Simulink模型,以及整合MATLAB函式與Cadence Virtuoso AMS Designer以開發高品質驗證測試平台的實際範例。


The design and integration of mixed-signal Integrated Circuits is becoming increasingly more challenging due to analog effects that cannot be neglected, and complex embedded digital signal processing algorithms.

This talk introduces the advantages of using Simulink to achieve fast system-level simulation speed, perform comprehensive design space exploration, and develop high-quality behavioral models. We will see with practical examples how to re-use a Simulink model or a MATLAB function in Cadence Virtuoso AMS Designer to develop high quality verification testbenches.