Keynote Speech
Keynote Speech / 你準備好AI了嗎? AI適合你嗎?
Are You Ready for AI? Is AI Ready for You?

Sameer Prabhu / MathWorks Inc.


Sameer Prabhu將與你一起探討AI的關鍵技術(深度學習、電腦視覺、機器人學…等),協助你找出工作中有哪些機會能借力於AI,同時透過本演講,你也將了解MATLAB®與Simulink®如何讓更多的工程師和科學家都能夠擁有原本只有少數特定軟體開發者與資料科學家才能掌握的AI技能。




AI, or artificial intelligence, is powering a massive shift in the roles that computers play in our personal and professional lives. Most technical organizations expect to gain or strengthen their competitive advantage through the use of AI. But are you in a position to fulfill that expectation, to transform your research, your products, or your business using AI?

Sameer Prabhu looks at the techniques that compose AI (deep learning, computer vision, robotics, and more), enabling you to identify opportunities to leverage it in your work. You will also learn how MATLAB® and Simulink® are giving engineers and scientists AI capabilities that were previously available only to highly-specialized software developers and data scientists.